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Loner Duo

An extra layer of safety for additional peace of mind.

The Loner Duo is the critical link between a worker, their Blackline Connect smartphone app and monitoring personnel. Worn discreetly on the lapel or waist, and working in conjunction with our safety app, Loner Duo lets users call for help or send an alert without the need to unlock their phone or even have it with them.

Always there when you need it most

With Loner Duo, workers can quickly call for help, acknowledge pending alerts or initiate an SOS alert without having to use their smartphone. A simple pull of the wearable’s latch triggers an alert in the Blackline Connect app, which gets sent in real-time over the air to monitoring personnel equipped with the tools to initiate and deploy an optimized emergency response directly to the worker’s exact location. Loner Duo connects to your smartphone’s Blackline Connect app from up to 10 meters away, even if the app isn’t open.

Ideal for those working with members of the public, the Loner Duo can also be configured with a silent SOS alert to allow the user to discretely call for help without alerting others in the vicinity.

Simplicity for safety’s sake

With a low profile and intuitive latch interface, Loner Duo couldn’t be easier to wear or use. When workers are out in the field and need to initiate a call for help, the last thing they need is to have to fumble their way through it. Loner Duo’s simple latch is all that stands between them and the help they need.

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