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How Connected Safety Technology Streamlines Evacuation Management

Evacuation management is a necessary element of safety planning for oil and gas operations. It is critical to be prepared to quickly and safely evacuate personnel in the event of an emergency, as every second counts when lives are on the line.

Are There Gaps in your Fire and Hazmat Gas Detection Program?

When lives are on the line, hazmat teams need to focus on the incident, not the reliability of their equipment. This white paper reviews the components of an end-to-end safety ecosystem to evaluate whether your current hazmat response is as complete and effective as it can be.

Combustible Gas and its Detection

Learn about the first innovation in combustible gas sensors for decades, the MPS sensor, and how it provides ultimate protection for your employees.

The Modern Safety Director's Guide to Employee Safety Monitoring

Are you doing everything in your power to keep your teams safe? 

Every Second Counts

Should a gas leak, health event, safety incident or security breach occur, Blackline's connected safety technology means we'll always have your back. 

Lone Worker Safety and Workplace Stress

Do you monitor the safety of your work-alone employees to reduce stress and save lives?

Winter is Here: Are Your Safety Measures in Place?

Find out why implementing a safety monitoring program is vital for your lone workers during the freezing temperatures of winter.

Safety Monitoring Solutions Comparison Guide

Do you have the best safety monitoring solutions in place for your employees?

Osborne overcomes Gade Valley Viaduct tracking challenge with Blackline's connected safety solution

Learn how Blackline's Location Beacons helped overcome the lack of GPS signal in the structure, and gave Osborne the ERT the ability to track personnel.

CEMEX Provides Peace of Mind for Lone Night Drivers

Learn how a global building solutions company deployed Blackline's G7c devices to monitor the safety of their lone night drivers. 

Encina Wastewater Authority Takes Employee Safety to Tech Level

Learn how a water treatment facility in Carlsbad, California upgraded from their outdated and ineffective manual call-in process.

Blackline GPS Helps Companies Keep Lone Workers Safe with Google Maps

The story of integrating highly-accurate maps into Blackline's real-time employee safety monitoring system.

Working Together to Build a Device That Can Save a Life

Features like the emergency key, no-motion sensor and worker check-in queue, lead Enmax to report being able to assist an injured worker within 10 minutes, based on their drills.

Safety Monitoring in the Service Industry

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control found a more effective solution than a manual check-in process to save their employees time.

Are You Still Using a Check-in Process? Part One

Many organizations use a manual check-in process to monitor the safety of their personnel who are working remotely, in isolation, or alone.

Are You Still Using a Check-in Process? Part Two

Organizations that use traditional check-in systems are inadvertently wasting the productivity of valuable resources.